Meet The Ministry​

Rev. Joanne Tolosa

Head Minister


I am a third-generation San Franciscan of Filipino descent and was raised Catholic. I had many questions about Catholicism, but pushed them aside and didn’t pursue another faith to follow because this was my family religion until… one of my Master of Social Work degree course assignments in the “Poverty & Minorities” Concentration. I was told to go to an ethnic grocery store or religion I was not familiar with, and see if Social Work is useful in that setting. Since I was familiar with Catholicism through home life, Catechism and parochial school, I attended the Spring Grand Ceremony of the Konko Church of San Francisco for this assignment. Simply put, I entered as a researcher & left as a Konko Faith believer! If you want to hear my journey, I am happy to meet with you in person or virtually.

I did put my MSW degree to good use as a counselor, geriatric social worker, an Elderly Services Program Director of a non-profit agency, hemodialysis (nephrology) social worker, hospital social worker, public elementary school social worker for SFUSD, and Support for Families of Children with Disabilities Down Syndrome Support Group Leader. I am the mother of an adult with Down syndrome and learn so much from my son about life and my relationship with the Divine Universal Parent. For 33 years I have been a Konko minister and head minister for the past 15 years. I always look forward to meeting people for broad faith-related conversations, for Sacred (Toritsugi) Mediation – spiritual counseling and general guidance for personal growth. BTW, I love being in nature, hiking in beautiful areas around the Bay Area, with a group of close friends. We’ve recently taken up monthly bowling!

I am active in the close knit Japanese American interfaith community of San Francisco. Please come visit our Konko Faith Center! I am here to listen to whatever is in your heart and to share with you the Divine Universal Parent of us all’s unconditional love for you; for each precious one of us… 

"Cup of Tea" — Rev. Tolosa's Story