Lahaina Wildfires Donation Drive – $1,000 Matched!

As a result of the catastrophic August 8, 2023 wildfires that ravaged Maui, 100+ lives have been lost, 1000 people have been unaccounted for, and Lahaina, the once beautiful town and historic capital of the “Kingdom of Hawaii” (pre-unification of the islands), has been reduced to ashes.  The Konko Mission of Wailuku stands as a sanctuary for Konko evacuees who have lost everything. Your donation will directly help them get back on their feet, and support the Wailuku Mission providing them refuge.

Thank you to everyone who donated through the Konko Church of San Francisco. As of 8/21/23, your donations have gone beyond the $1,000 mark that we are matching and we will send the Konko Mission of Wailuku your donation (name & amount) shortly, with our matching $1000. We will continue to collect donations for them through the end of August, but feel free to donate directly to the Konko Mission of Wailuku, or hopefully you can find another matching fund source!

Ways to Donate: 

  1. Paypal: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=9SCLA9D5697AU
  1. Write and mail a check made payable to: Konko Church of San Francisco

Memo: Maui Fire Relief

1909 Bush St, San Francisco, CA 94115-3204 USA. 

  1. Write a check and mail directly to Konko Mission of Wailuku

2267 Mokuhau Rd, Wailuku, HI 96793

We deeply appreciate your compassion and heartwarming gift. Along with our sincere prayers for recovery & rebuilding, it will be sent to the Konko Mission of Wailuku’s Head Minister, Rev. Hisayo Yasutake, and Associate Minister, Rev. Roy Yasutake. Together with their congregation, its best, impactful use will be determined.

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