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Tenchi Kakitsuke

from Tenchi Kane No Kami, the Universal Divine Parent,
through our Founder, the Divine Mediator Ikigami Konko Daijin,
to all humanity.


Tenchi Kakitsuke is the key revelation from Tenchi Kane no Kami (“Kami”) to Konko Daijin (our “Founder”). It has been described as “conceptualizing the essence of the Konko Faith” (Kyoten and Shine from Within), and “the crucial point of faith” (Konkokyo Bylaws).

Tenchi Kakitsuke can be literally translated as “Written reminder of Heaven and Earth. Thus, Tenchi Kakitsuke was meant to be seen and read. The Founder taught us to place a copy of Tenchi Kakitsuke where we would be sure to see it regularly, so that we would frequently be reminded to follow its message.


Tenchi Kakitsuke was revealed to our Founder in 1873, during a turbulent period in Japanese history. From the book Kami to Hito Tomo ni Ikiru, Konkokyo Kyougi no Gaiyo (Kami and People Live together, A Summary of Konkokyo Doctrine) (“Kami to Hito”):

The Meiji Restoration brought with it a major transition in the religious policies of Japan. In 1873, Konko Daijin was forced by the government to shut down the worship hall operations that he had dedicated himself to since receiving the Divine Call in 1859. All tangible items in the worship hall, including the Kami Altar, offerings, and religious lanterns, were forcibly removed. For 30 days Kami consoled Konko Daijin, telling him to “Take a rest.” Tenchi Kakitsuke was revealed to Konko Daijin under these circumstances.

Thus, this four-line divine message reveals the existence of a world which, regardless of how society evolves and material possessions come and go, will endure – an eternal faith-oriented world.

Thus, Tenchi Kakitsuke was revealed so that believers could continue to practice the Konko Faith even in the Founder’s absence. When the Founder was forced to close down his worship hall, he provided believers with a copy of Tenchi Kakitsuke.

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