Ceremonies & Blessings


The ministers of the Konko Church of San Francisco will perform a variety of ceremonies & blessings upon request. 

Baby's First Blessing

The Birth of a child is a priceless miracle in every aspect. Every human being that came into this world was born out of a probability of 1 in 70,000,000,000,000 possible combinations. With this great blessing, it is essential to give deep gratitude to Kami and pray for continuous health, happiness and blessings for years to come. 

Pet Blessing

A pet is an important member of the family.  Pets offer much comfort, love and even protection.  Let’s give thanks to them for this.  Whether they may be healthy or sick, your thoughtfulness in holding a blessing just for them will be felt by your pet.

Wedding Ceremonies

Plan your wedding with the Konko Church, where we will keep you in our prayers for a lifetime.  Marriage is the joining of two individuals.  Let Kami bless this special union.  Same-sex couples and civil unions are also welcome.

Car Blessing

New or preowned. Did you just get a new or pre-owned car?  Being able to drive and own a car is a great divine blessing.  Let’s give thanks to Kami.  Let’s further pray for the safety and divine protection of the car, the driver, other occupants, and other motorists with this new/pre-owned. Have your car blessed.

Groundbreaking Ceremony

For a home, office, and buildings (on site or at our church), held to bless and purify the ground, owner’s family, business owners, contractors and their equipment, and other affiliated people. In Konko we do not believe in the exorcism of a place. Instead, we seek permission from Kami, to allow us to use the land we plan to build on.

Prayer for Illness; Bedside Prayers; Prayers at the moment of passing

Please do not hesitate to contact us for special prayers for illnesses or bedside prayers.  Our life, our health is beyond our control.  We must seek the blessings and guidance of our Divine Parent, Tenchi Kane No Kami for all these things.  We must receive blessings at every moment of our lives.  Allow us offer a prayer for peace of mind as you experience these moments of uncertainty.

Celebration of Life, Memorial Services, (Funerals)

In the Konko Faith tradition, we honor our ancestors, and loved ones who have passed away, by showing respect, gratitude, and love, while strengthening family ties and maintaining harmony. We feel that after death, the physical form and spiritual form separate, where the spirit becomes one with the universe, Kami.

The spirit of our deceased are never gone nor forgotten, they live with us, in our hearts.

Other Blessings

Other Occasions to visit our church are: prayers and blessings for good health of individuals or family members, prosperity, business success, recovery from illness, safe birth, safe travel, success in academic studies, meeting the right companion, family harmony, success in sports or exams, among any other reasons to give thanks for any and all blessings.