Since 1930, we have opened our doors to serve the local San Francisco Community & beyond. Our ministers are here to listen and provide spiritual support. The congregation is here to welcome you as part of our Konko Family.  

Image Credit: Mark Shigenaga

Our community is characterized by acceptance and appreciation, providing a safe space for discussing, exploring and sharing faith beyond religious boundaries, free from dogma and judgement.

We believe that everyone is a child of “Kami”. Everyone belongs. 

The term “Kami” refers to the source of life. Kami is the divine universal parent that embodies the wonders of nature, the great spirit, and other expressions for the spiritual essence of the universe.  

Kami cares for you unconditionally, regardless of your race, religion, gender, orientation or opinions. 


Our aim is to practice gratitude towards Kami as part of our way of living. 

We practice gratitude throughout each day with acts of kindness and care towards each other and the world we call home.       

We have learned that true fulfillment and joy come from practicing and living with genuine, sincere  gratitude.

Kami’s golden light

Fills my heart with gratitude

Joy and fulfillment 

What We Do

  • Daily individual spiritual guidance for individuals seeking faith development.
  • Weekly services to come together in person and virtually, to honor and express appreciation to the Divine Parent, Founder, ancestral spirits and each other.
  • Conduct joint interfaith services with the Japanese American Religious Federation of San Francisco (JARF).
  • Sponsor fundraisers and events to provide opportunities for the Japanese-American community and beyond to deepen our bonds/relationships. 

Gatherings & Events

  • Hatsumoude, our annual New Year’s Day visit (over 3 days, 1/1-3) to welcome the new year.
  • Konko Churches of North American Northern California Regional Seminar to deepen our faith.
  • Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival (NCCBF) Food Booth where we sell our popular “imagawayaki” sweet bean pastry, and march in the NCCBF parade.
  • Church Summer Bazaar onsite (2nd weekend in July)
  • Traditional mochi tsuki sweet rice pounding event in late December, to offer fresh rice cakes to the Divine Parent in the new year.


We offer space for other organizations in our community to utilize, such as local Scouts, sports, and martial arts classes. 

Site Under Construction

This official website is under construction and may have incomplete or missing details and/or pages. If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact the church directly at kcsf@konkosf.org!